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Take a look at our delivery menu here

What makes us different? We are experienced Event Caterer's who launched our new business just as Covid restrictions hit. Thinking on our feet we started a home delivery side to our business, using our home grown and locally sourced produce.  Providing fresh exciting menu's each week, just like our ingredients. 

All of our dishes are made from scratch unless we have a fab local supplier who does it better than us!

Based around the idea of tapas our menu's bounce around the world cuisine to save us all from getting bored. This give us a great choice of menu's if you are holding an event or more formal dinner too.

Our freshly baked breads are supplied by the fabulous Blue Sky Baker

Our local free range & outdoor reared meat comes from Porcus & Local Butcher's

We love to create menus, we love to cook & we love to support local

Thanks for supporting us

Phone enquiries 07714 333230

If you’d like to try our weekly menu

If you’d like to discuss an event

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